Before hiring a real estate agent, make sure to ask the right questions in Del Aria Team website. You can ask about the average list price to sale price ratio, experience, and communication style. These questions will help you determine whether your agent is the best fit for you. These questions will help you make the best decision for you and your home.

Questions to ask a prospective real estate agent

There are several questions you should ask a real estate agent. The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of how savvy the agent is when it comes to selling homes. First of all, the agent should have an understanding of the local market. This way, they can tell you about changes in the neighborhood. Also, the agent should be knowledgeable about the list-price-to-sales-price ratio. This ratio is important because homes often sell for slightly lower than their listing price.

Another important question to ask a prospective real estate agent is whether they communicate well with clients. If they are a good communicator, they should be quick to respond to follow-up questions. Some agents say they are great communicators, but the way you can tell is to ask them to prove it. Try sending follow-up questions to see if they personally respond to your inquiries.

Finally, be sure to ask whether the agent will represent both the seller and the buyer. If they don’t, it can affect the selling price of the house. If the agent is representing both parties, he or she will charge you more than you would get if the agent represents just one party.

Average list price to sale price ratio

If you’re looking for a Realtor in Lanham, MD, you need to look at how their performance compares to the area’s average. To do this, U.S. News partnered with HomeLight to analyze real estate data from the Lanham area. This data includes the number of properties they’ve worked on, the time they took to sell them, and the money they earn from their clients. We’ve compiled this information into a comprehensive ranking system, and you can use it to choose a Lanham REALTOR.

First, let’s take a look at the housing market in Lanham, MD. Despite being fairly competitive, homes in Lanham usually receive two offers and sell in an average of 37 days. Last month, the average sale price was $426K. The average price per square foot was $237, which is $156.6% more than it was a year ago. Also, if you have a child in Lanham, MD, you’ll want to ask about the schools. Fortunately, there are several places online that can help you with this. The National Center for Education Statistics, Precisely, and GreatSchools provide information on Lanham public schools. GreatSchools also has a rating system for schools, which is based on a number of school quality indicators, including test scores, college readiness, equity

The list price to sale price ratio should be high. High list-to-sell ratios can indicate a strong real estate market. In other words, a high list-to-sell ratio means fewer negotiations between buyers and sellers over the sales price.


If you’re selling your Lanham property, there are several things to consider. For one thing, time is money. After all, the longer you wait to sell, the less attractive your Lanham property will be and the less money you’ll make. And when you’re trying to sell a home in Lanham, that time can be extremely expensive. A real estate professional can save you time and money by helping you sell your home quickly and easily.

Communication style

If you are interviewing a REALTOR in Lanham, it is important to pay attention to the agent’s communication style. You should look for an agent who listens actively to what you have to say, asks questions, and uses a low volume and softer voice. You should also look for visual cues. A friendly office and photos of family and friends are also signs of a good real estate agent.

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