Monthly Archive December 2018

Crawling through the supermarket

Eye height

To be able to see what your toddler sees when he walks through the supermarket, you should move through the supermarket at eye-level of your child. In other words, crawling. What you see is a variety of sweets, cakes and drinks. In all kinds of variations, decorated with pictures of famous figures like Dora, Piet Piraat and SpongeBob (just say ‘no’ to that!).

The bottom shelves are full of appealing products, which unfortunately are almost always unhealthy and full of ’empty calories’. In other words, they contain few nutrients or too many of the wrong substances (e-numbers).
Good example makes you follow it well

Remarkably enough, it is only recently that parents and educators have been seen as an important factor in promoting a healthy lifestyle in children, and are also being approached as such in national campaigns and health projects. Education (and that is also saying no!) plays a crucial role in this.

In order to educate your child in the field of nutrition, you also need knowledge about the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise and the effects of unhealthy nutrition.

Only if you, as an educator, know what you eat and what healthy alternatives there are for the choices you make (often out of habit), can you as a family work on a healthier lifestyle.

Guided tours of the supermarket (crawling or not)

Guided tours of the supermarket are on the rise. During a guided tour you will be informed about the meaning of ingredient declarations and the meaning of food labels. But also marketing techniques of food producers are discussed. Recently there was even a study that proved that by reading food labels, healthier choices are made.

Crawling through the supermarket; it would be a fun way to draw attention to the importance and usefulness of guided tours of the supermarket. After all, you experience what your child experiences. And you will experience better what temptations your child is being served.

Do you prefer not to crawl through the supermarket, but do you want to experience daily reality through your child’s eyes? Then take a look at the video from the Nutrition Centre about the amount of food and drink a 3-year-old child is confronted with on an ordinary day. Watch the video or crawl along the shelves yourself, give me your reaction and opinion.