Plenary Presentations: 30min (25min and 5min Q&A)

Oral Presentations: 15 min (10min and 5min Q&A)

Flash Presentations: 5min (no Q&A, presenters can be asked questions at their poster)

• All speakers are requested to have their presentation loaded to the conference laptop located in the conference room at the very latest by the coffee break before their presentation.

• Please note that no personal computers will be allowed at the podium.

• Please have your presentation on USB stick, individual laptops cannot be linked to the in-house AV

• Presentations should be formatted to fit a widescreen with the size of 16:9 for all presentations

• Please liaise with the room technician before each session for pre-loading of presentations

• Please load and quickly test all presentations during coffee/lunch breaks and before sessions begin – this is to ensure that if there are any difficulties, there is time for the AV technicians to rectify the issues before sessions begin

Operating System

• The operating system on the computer at the conference will be Windows 7 Professional and running office 2013. All presentations should be in PowerPoint or some other presentation tool (example Prezi) that is compatible with this operating system

• If you are using a Mac to create your Power-point Presentation, this must be made in Power-point version 2010 or later. Please have your presentation on USB stick so the technician can upload them onto the conference laptop.

• Should your presentation contain embedded DVDs, require sound, live internet connection or any other audio or visual requirement, please notify the technician


• Speakers are asked to strictly adhere to the presentation timings listed above out of courtesy for other speakers

• Each session will have a chairperson to monitor timekeeping. Should your presentation run over, the chairperson will inform you of this and ask you to finish your presentation, please comply with chairperson’s requests.

• All speakers must be in their session room at least 10 minutes before the start of session. Please identify yourself to the session chairperson so that they are aware that all speakers are present before they start the session.

• All speakers are asked to remain in the room until the entire session is finished, if there is time at the end of the sessions further Q&A sessions may take place.


If your poster has been accepted for presentation we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Posters will be rotated on a daily basis (Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday).

Poster Schedule
Tuesday, 4th September          P001 - P040 & FP01 - FP21
Wednesday, 5th September    P101 - P150 & FP13 - FP18
Thursday, 6th September        P201 - P272

Please note that all abstracts have now be renumbered with a programme number to identify when they are taking place during the conference. Please click here to download the conference programme to view the author's index to see your new number.

Dimensions/Printing of your poster

  • Each poster must be in portrait format.
  • Each poster must be printed (at the cost of the author) and SHOULD NOT BE BIGGER than the following size:

Height/tall= 1189mm, Width=841mm (A0 Portrait).

  • Any poster printed in landscape or larger than the provided board for display may not be displayed at the conference.
  • Each poster presenter will be provided with special Velcro stickers from the registration desk to attach their poster to their assigned board. Posters printed on canvas or heavy material are not recommended as they often prove too heavy to attach to poster boards, pins may not be used on the poster boards provided, only Velcro strips are permitted.